Thursday, May 08, 2008


These are my current transits:

Low energies - Saturn opposition Sun: Mid September 2007 until mid June 2008
Elegance and taste - Jupiter conjunction Venus: Mid March 2008 until mid November 2008
Setting sail - Uranus trine Uranus: Beginning of April 2008 until beginning of March 2009
Crazy - Uranus square Moon: Mid April 2008 until mid March 2009
Half-hearted efforts - Neptune conjunction Mars: End of April 2008 until end of November 2010
Pruning your life : Saturn conjunction Saturn: 21 August 2008 until 6 September 2008

Maybe because I'm exhausted... but I feel on the edge... like I won't take crap anymore, from familly...... nevermind other people. This fits the "uranus square moon" description. Hidden tensions coming to surface. I don't feel it's a nervous reaction, like it would be if I was just tired. I feel meditative.
I feel afraid of taking crap from people and loosing my mind, I feel I'll have to choose if that happens. Me, my life, my sanity or letting them have their way. And the choice is easy now. I'm not afraid of consequences anymore. I have backup, and if it fails, then it's not worth hanging on anyway, so it's ok.

On a different subject... (this night has been prolific in bad memories)
I've also been thinking the first and very important lesson this saturn return in the 7th has brought was quite unpleasent but totally necessary, since I was way out of touch with reality. It made me learn the hard way that people can hate me, for one, and not tell me about it. I wasn't aware of that at all. How can people hate me? I'm a people pleaser. I'm nice. My whole familly is nice. not to each other, but to others, yes. I grew up surrounded by very good people, and I learned very late in life about the bad people out there.
So, saturn is in the 7th, exactly conjunct the DC, opposing my sun and mercury. This particular situation was one of those almost movie like scenes, where I was in a public bathroom in school and 2 colleagues came in not knowing I was there, and one of them (which I considered a friend) was trashing me like you couldn't imagine. The other was trying to calm her down. I can't even remember exactly how it felt, it was so traumatic. I remembered I went through a pletora of emotions, confusion, embarrassement, then I became very angry, and defeated at the same time. This was the moment I learned this can happen. People can imagine things about me that are not true. (That was a saturnine person by the way)
Two days before a guy I thought I loved and thought loved me back had left my house never to return, or talk to me again, Because of something aparently harmless I said impulsively. I had been crying so hard I thought I would die. I had just gotten the energy to try and face normal life, try to get my mind off that very disturbing event. And now this. It was felt so intensily. It was marked in my cells. I hardly recall consciently how it felt, but the effects are very much with me to this day, and I'm very very grateful. It made me much more careful, much more self protective, which I wasn't at all before. Valueble lesson.
I also got vaccined against being impulsive in relationships for good. Talk about a saturn in the 7th start. It made me not bare the idea of ending a relationship again, exposing myself to any more people, meeting famillies etc, to have it all end in an impulse. all that could go wrong in relationships did at this time. And I was all ears for saturn...."saturn, please teach me how to never have none of this happen again". I'm wiser now. Oh, this didn't make me hate people more. It made me appreciate some people alot more. Opposites always come together. By becoming aware there are nasty people, I value good people more. I became more realistic in relationships, and it stabilizes me alot. I learned I am the best barometer for finding good people. Now when I'm confused about someones good intentions I ask myself, what would I do in this situation, and usually if it's not what the person did, I don't take too long to figure out what their intention might be.
I wasn't born very perceptive of people's intentions, but I'm learning. I like it. I have pluto, I will survive. It pays to be good, I've always known that. I felt very at peace with myself during that transit. It was pretty intense and complex. I wonder what will happen in august... THE saturn return. o_O


Devil Mood said...

Did that happen recently? That sounds like hell.
But I really enjoyed reading that, even though I don't have much wisdom to offer (from one saturn in the 7th to another lol - we should write a book with this title, don't you think?)
Oh the lessons I'll have to learn until my return. I feel like I haven't learnt a single one, to be honest.

I checked my forecast which I hadn't done in a long time and I have 5 squares and one conjunction. Most of the squares are Jupiter's and also Uranus. Ooh, better go and read that.

Violet said...

I'll post a response if u don't mind, so I can add a few saturn in the 7th important advice!