Monday, May 12, 2008

Blackie, the rottweiller

here's blackie, fully awaken now!
She was smelling cat accross the wall.

She was staring at the rock I was about to throw. She loves to fetch rocks. Balls or sticks she doesn't care for at all, only rocks. She'll go fetch the rock and bring it back for another go untill she's tired which can take a while.
It was a great day though. I brushed her coat today, she really needed it.
In Portugal it's illegal to have a rottweiller that hasn't been castrated or steriliezed, and to walk them without a mouth protection so they won't bite, and a leash... they're tryign to exterminate the race. It's absurd.
I let her walk freely, because her leash is really short, and besides no one seems bothered by her. She minds her own business. She played with another dog this morning which was fun. Most dogs around here aren't very social. She's not very predictable though. You can't mess with her alot if she doesn't know you, she threatens to bite. I can mess with her all i want and she won't, but she thinks about it... She loves to ride in the car with her head in the wind, and yesterday I took her for a litle ride and then she hadn't had enough, she wouldn't leave the car. I had to force her. And I could tell she was upset about it, she knows she's stronger then me, but she respects me enough to not fight too hard. It was upsetting because I was sick yesterday and didn't need that kind of behavior from her. usually I would've closed the door and let her sit in the car a couple hours until she got sick of it or thirsty. All in all we're doing fine, she's sweet and very playful.


Devil Mood said...

awww she's sweet!
It's completely unbelievable that they're trying to extinguish that breed - shouldn't that be illegal? :(

Oh my dog loved to disobbey me when I didn't have time to waste, well, in general, he disobbeyed me, he was completely independent and would go out on the street on his own, sometimes he even spent the night away. He was completely insane :)

Violet said...

:)) thank u. some of my friends are afraid of her, I'm glad you see she's sweet.

that's nice when dogs go on their own but know to come back. :) he seems like a uranian dog :)
I'm imagining his fur like a mad maestro's hair. I think I saw his pic on your blog once, that's problably where this image in me mind is coming from.

i'm reserching about the laws on rottweilers... i'll write more if i find something other then what I've wrote about. it awful though :/ problably means I can't take her out publicly without risking going to jail.