Sunday, May 04, 2008


I want to find something new to cook..... urgent. a new pastry.
I just realized today how come I gained 3 kgs in one month. I went off the pill. it makes me loose weight, unlike most people. I'll go back.
I guess this means I don't have to diet as much.

I want to cook somethign exciting. my cookies have reached their peak and are fastly getting worst. It freaks me out.
I have nothing important to say today. so I should be quiet. I'm slightly stressed and needy. I need fresh air.


Devil Mood said...

Hope you're not going for fresh air at this time of the night. Althought nights are wonderful to be in the garden. But tonight it's cold.

How about a pie? I love pies. :)

I'm sorry I didn't rewrite my other comment. Can't remember what it said but I liked the idea of Jupiter in the 12th being related to pregnancy. And babies are definitely wonderful. Oh I remember I said I loved babies but I didn't love kids, which became a bit of a problem.haha

Violet said...

it is cold.. and there's no garden in this god forsaken place. i have a tiny porch, but it's cold.

I'm not crazy about pies :/ they usually envolve cooked fruit, which i don't enjoy, or they have creamy fillings which make me nauseous. It can't be something too sweet.
I'm thinking of filhoz again.. and oatmeal bread. thanks for trying. if u remember something else it's very welcome.
pioneer woman asked readers to post a recipe and not she has over 5000 recipes on the comments. I should read a few.

i understand not liking kids. totally... babies too. but i think i will like mine alot.
i'm very sleepy.........good night

Devil Mood said...

5000 recipes in comments? How insane! I don't have patience to read recipes, damn me.

Kids are okay generally. Except that I have 7 cousins younger than me and they are beyond misbehaved, that's why I'm a bit creeped out at kids. But of course our own kids are much nicer ;)

Violet said...

yes, she gets an insane number os commenters sometimes :) her blog is great.