Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Burning Monk

Born in 1897 – died June 11, 1963

This person was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk who burned himself to death at a busy Saigon road intersection on June 11, 1963. He self-immolated in protest for the persecution of Buddhists by South Vietnam's administration. Photos of his self-immolation were circulated widely across the world and brought attention to the policies of the regime. After his death, his body was re-cremated, but his heart remained intact. This was interpreted as a symbol of compassion and led Buddhists to revere him as a bodhisattva, heightening the impact of his death on the public psyche.

Very impressive. "Life's not worth living until you've found something worth dying for".
I read this quote somewhere and never forgot it, because it's so "mars in aquarius" - I thought - working for something bigger then you makes life make sense. This monk makes life make sense by "stating" that the body and the material are illusion, the body is temporary. He died for a cause, a human and spiritual cause. It's worth thinking about. I kind of envy the monk. Don't you?


Devil Mood said...

Wow, it is Mars in Aquarius - do you have that?
It makes a lot of sense that quote.
But I don't know if I envy him exactly. My Mars is in Libra, so it makes me wonder if it is good to be so attached to a cause, the excess of his conviction makes me uneasy.

And it's also interesting that despite the huge religious differences, they still revered him because of his intact heart, just like catholics admire the saints because their bodies are conserved...odd, huh? ;)

Violet said...

yes, I have mars in aquarius. I like conviction alot. I really admire his serenity and certainty. I'm sure he felt a huge peace at that moment. I'd love to be so sure about something, and be able to do something I knew would have an impact.

It says the buddhists revered him. Not sure the others did to. not sure that is even true. I'm a skepitc at heart. It doesn't make the fact any less impressive though.

fernandojmonteiro said...

Há formas mais inteligentes de fazer as coisas do que se auto emular e/ou mutilar.
Não tira o valor do que pretende defender, mas termina ali, poucos o lembrarão (não lembrará a quem deveria), já para não falar no sofrimento absurdo.
Simplesmente ficou menos uma pessoa a defender uma causa.